Mar 23, 2013

Chickens and Change

I almost tossed publisher J. Pagliaro's renewal letter for MaryJanesFarm. Then I noticed the word "chickens"...
Whether you're awakened by chickens in the yard or traffic in the street, you know what it is to be a farmgril. Farmgirl is a condition of the heart. It is a love of the earth ... of what is natural and organic ... of a day's work with one's hands and an evening in the company of one's friends. It is independence. It is community.
I can relate. Since living in the Idaho mountains, I have been awakened by roosters, snowplows, hail pounding on metal roofs, even the eerie silence of snowfall. I enjoy 4 seasons, wildlife, and a glittered galaxy. I am enthralled by it all and so is Bear!

Yet, change is on the horizon. [See my post, "Pioneers or Settlers?"] Our landlords definitely want to sell. We could remain up here, but the signs — and even our hearts —seem to be pointing toward Boise.

Not wanting a suburban life, we have taken road trips to the rural areas west of Boise. The mountains frame the sprawling farmland and the big city is close enough. We found a middle school and high school for Brock (13) with good recommendations and awesome athletic facilities. There may even be opportunities that we have only dreamed of.

Brock and I have discussed raising chickens. We have joked about having a dairy cow, or even an ostrich or a llama. We laugh, but with God all things are possible!


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  1. I heard today that faith includes uncertainty and mystery. Who knows for sure what the future holds. Just be sure you take us along for the adventure!

    xo Fellow God Chick (**


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