Mar 21, 2013

Dove Chocolate

Doves at Sunrise

I gave Barry the task of finding Dove Chocolate Eggs in Boise. He found every Dove product except the elusive eggs. So, he came home empty-handed.

This is where 28 years of marriage comes in. Bear knows that my chocolate cravings need no translation. True, I was hoping for Dove Chocolate eggs, but my desire for CHOCOLATE will always supersede the shape or packaging. After my impassioned speech, Bear made it his mission to bring home Dove® Promises last night. Happy wife, happy life!

My Dove® Promises are enjoying an abbreviated season in my cranberry glass basket. I say "abbreviated" because chocolate love is a driving force in my family. I captured them on Instagram while there was still something to look at.

Dovingly yours,
P.S. I finally located the Dove Chocolate Eggs at Target. Yes, a couple bags followed me home.

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  1. that's a cute story! i will take chocolate
    in any shape. right now i'm eating plain
    chocolate chips.

  2. Heading down to MN next [for the Women's Conf] so always on the lookout for Dove! Thx for the directions :)


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