Apr 8, 2013


Honeymoon Roll

I cruised down to Boise yesterday. Rain, hail, and wind persuaded me to do what any sane gal from SoCal would do: I ducked into Sakana for sushi! I welcomed the refuge, but I admit to having other motives. 

My last great sushi outing had been with my dear mom. She treated me to dinner at Kinokawa Japanese Restaurant in Long Beach, California. Kinokawa sushi definitely raises the bar and, unfortunately, finding the same quality in Boise has been an undertaking.

Sakana was immediately redemptive. The wait staff was friendly and attentive. I never had to ask for refills on green tea. Oh, and the sushi... I ordered Honeymoon Roll. What a presentation! And like a true foodie, I snapped a photo. A watchful little girl implored her mother, "Can we take pictures, too?"

Each heart was framed with strips of tuna. The interior, crowned with roe, consisted of salmon, crab, avocado, and rice. What a joy it was to dip sushi hearts in saucy dollops and swooshes. I followed up with Tuna Roll and King Crab Roll. Honestly, I could have sushi-ed all night!

The only thing that would have made the occasion better was sharing it with Mom. Sushi is something we do well together.

Sushi wishes,


  1. Your description of your sushi roll has my mouth watering. For years, I declared I had no desire to eat raw fish. Of course, since then, I've learned sushi doesn't necessarily mean raw. Mike & I visited our daughter in CO Springs, recently, and she insisted on treating us to sushi. She said there are some great sushi places to choose from there.

    I decided I was ready to see what all the fuss was about, since so many people do rave about sushi. One bite and I was hooked! (no pun intended!)

    The blend of delicate flavors was indescribable (no fishy taste!). I am now officially a fun of the sushi! ;-)

    How fortunate for you that you have a good sushi place where you're located! :-)

  2. lovely!
    and the power of 1 in the response of the 'little one' to your photoing :) awesome..

    I wish the same for more times w/ my mom - alzheimers in care - so that's a door we can't pass thru til eternity... but great memories! enjoy yours!


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