May 10, 2013

Oh Happy Day!

Diptic and Paper Camera
Tea Collage

My lovely, joyful, and charming friend, Susy DeLucca, celebrated her Birthday yesterday. I became bemused, or something of the sort, and did not remember until after today's morning coffee. Instant human being, just add coffee!

Happily, I have a day off, so I donned my creative hat and set to work on something special for Susy's Facebook. She was once the proprietor of Hiatt and Peek in Long Beach, California. Truly, the store was a reflection of who she is and the things she loves. Susy often hosted special events that featured hot pots of tea and delectable treats as part of her hospitality. Thus, a Tea Collage!

Using iPhone apps, I selected a few favorite tea photos, applied the "Aquarello" effect in Paper Camera, and incorporated the images into a Diptic collage using a frame that resembles sunshine. Diptic, which it also on my Mac, has evolved nicely into something quite fanciful.

Happy Birthday, Susy!


  1. Thank you sweet friend. I remember Barry buying that teacup ~ so glad you've enjoyed it all these years. Love the collage ~ it combines so many of your gifts and talents. TY!

  2. What a wonderful birthday wish you have sent. Susy is a sweetheart. I'm so blessed to call her a blog friend.

  3. I have enjoyed looking through your blog. Check out Sunshine PenPals and join the fun!


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