May 24, 2013


Hipstamatic: Loftus and DC
John Brogan Park | Idaho City, Idaho

I enjoy taking something familiar and giving it a new angle. John Brogan Park, in Idaho City, is a landmark that many residents pass daily as they traverse Montgomery Street -- one of our 2 main drags. A private home is situated to the right of this fence. The most visited areas (out of view) surround the historical 1860's structures: the Boise Basin Museum, batten and board homes, the blacksmith shop and pest house; as well as picnic tables, a bandstand, and the horseshoe pit seen at the upper left of this photo. This old-style fence can easily blend in.

It was a warmer Spring day when this photo was shot. I used Hipstamatic with the Loftus lens and DC film. I appreciate how the distinctive marks on the fence lead the eye on a dreamy path. A few residents did not recognize where this photo was taken. That made me very happy!

Happy Spring!

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  1. such a lovely photo . . . reminiscent
    of days gone by.


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