Jun 14, 2013


The Boise Basin Museum

Sometimes, I crack myself up. I can be so cotton pickin' eclectic. For example, I am on lunch break at our Boise Basin Museum, a brick and mortar structure built in 1867. Using chopsticks, my meal consists of grape tomatoes, Greek Kalamata olives, smoked Gouda cheese, and strips of seaweed roasted with olive oil and a smidgeon of sea salt. My beverage is hot green tea.

The roasted seaweed is surprisingly good! It is produced by Kevin Nho at Seaweed Love. It is naturally charged with vitamin A and C, calcium, and iron. They can be eaten alone, crumbled on top of salads, or added to crackers with cream cheese. If you enjoy sushi, you might appreciate this product.

Why the chopsticks? I left my fork at home and the museum sells chopsticks in honor of the 6000 Chinese gold miners that were here during the Idaho City Gold Rush. 

 Eclectically yours,

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  1. I am eclectic too and like those foods you mention. We buy roasted seaweed snacks from Trader Joe's, crisp and tasty.


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