Oct 27, 2013


Please do not use without permission.
Old Downtown Caldwell — By Karen June Miller

My blog hiatus was due, in part, to a move from the Boise National Forest to Idaho's Treasure Valley. I am now a flatlander, living in a newer subdivision, surrounded by rural countryside. This is one step closer to owning a home. Our desire is to be planted firmly amongst the farmers, but that will take a year or two.

I embrace new adventure, but I do miss mountain life. I was intrigued with small town idiosyncrasies. I enjoyed living in the woods, gazing at a glittered night sky, watching snowfall frost the forest, and encountering wildlife on mountain roads. My 3 seasons at the Boise Basin Museum introduced me to people from all over the world, affirming my deep love for culture and history. I made many friends and memories. It is only 90 minutes away, but I am now a visitor.

Please do not use without permission.
Nampa Countryside — Taken by Karen June Miller

Presently, instead of photographing old mining town relics and forestal scenes, I am capturing farms, vineyards, livestock, rural decay, vintage homes, farm stands, and charming old downtown districts. The brilliant colors of Fall have begun to form paled piles of leaves; however, my photos ensure their memory.

A drive through Downtown Caldwell reminds me of where my grandparents, Sam and Jane Drummy, resided in North Platte, Nebraska. Two-story homes, with basements and large front porches, line Blaine Street. Both of my grandparents retired from the Union Pacific Railroad and those trains rumble through Caldwell, sounding their tri-toned whistles around the clock.

I already have much to report as I continue to explore and take ownership of my new romping grounds. Perhaps this is why I was not posting on my blog. I was busy gathering new material.

Autumnally yours,


  1. Your photos are stunning, especially the first one. I am glad you are back in blog land and your move is done.

  2. Nicely said mommy! I look forward to seeing pictures of the new landscapers and destinations you uncover in your fresh surroundings . -Briana


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