Jan 12, 2013



The beautiful icicles pictured in my New Year's Eve-Eve post met the fate of a 12-year old boy's inner Ninja. I was doing dishes and Brock appeared suddenly at the kitchen window, flashing his fiercest face, and clutching an icicle like a translucent knife. He had demolished the entire row of icicles! At least I have a photo.


I praised the virtues of butter and my French butter dish in Butter Bliss. Shortly after that, the butter dish was mysteriously missing. Historically, this is not a good sign. It usually means that someone broke something and prefers not to be around when I find out. Sure enough, dear hubby dropped it and knew that I had just blogged about it. Thankfully, I have been conditioned to query first before tearing the house apart. And the link to my new butter dish is in that post.


I have been organizing with unbridled ardor. I am finally transferring my collection of 500 CD's to my computer! I have already imported 2000 songs and my progress is spurring me to tackle other projects!  "Oh, why should I have spring fever; When it isn't even spring?" [Rodgers and Hammerstein's State Fair.]


I am by no means a veteran of the mountaintop, but does one ever get used to the thundering, home-rattling displacement of ice and snow slipping off of metal roofs? I'm just sayin'...


Jan 8, 2013

Tea for Tuesday

BELLOCQ ~ No. 40, Charleston Tea

The snow is falling in the Boise National Forest and I am doing the Charleston. Uh, Charleston Tea that is... When the temps drop, we pull out all of our vices and tea is a soothing companion!

I wrote a post about Bellocq Tea Aterlier in February 2012. If you missed it, take a gander. They have definitely reworked the tea shop image.

Charleston Tea is an engaging Bellocq tea blend. Here is how they describe it...
No. 40, Charleston:
A tea created for and inspired by the magnificent gardens at Charleston, the country residence of Bloomsbury artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant. Our tea pays tribute to the cultivated yet bohemian spirit of the times in a blend of Ceylon black tea subtly enveloped in a cloud of linden with notes of poppy, chamomile and lavender. We wish you a "dithering blaze of flowers and butterflies and apples…"
Organic Ceylon black tea, organic red poppy petals, organic chamomile, organic lavender, organic blue cornflower petals, natural floral essence.

Stay warm!