Feb 20, 2013

Tea for Tuesday

The Graphics Fairy

Similar to the "FOOD-QUEST" List that I created on Facebook, with 290+ food related links, I now have a new List called "sTEAped". It is a perpetual stream of current posts from 50 tea themed Facebook pages, most being connected to popular websites. I am selecting sites that have great visuals and relevant tea information. If you would like to be a Follower or simply Bookmark the List, click HERE.

If, after viewing the List, you have some suggestions, feel free to let me know. I am still building both Lists.

Brewingly yours,

Feb 19, 2013


I attended the West Idaho Aglow Retreat this weekend. This pond is situated in the backyard of a Boise retreat facility and I had no clue of its existence until I ventured behind our lodging. What a lovely surprise!

The retreat was spiritually refreshing and insightful, although I am still physically exhausted. I don't always sleep soundly at retreats, especially when rooming with unfamiliar people. And my brain is constantly chewing on what is being taught.

If you believe the birds, Boise is poised for an early Spring. As one Facebook friend put it, "T'will soon find out." I live in the local mountains and snow is again slipping into the forecast. Truth be told, I am open to a little more snow before surrendering to Spring.