Jun 20, 2013

Seasonal Adjustments

Wintered Leaf

I am out of the loop due to seasonal jobs. While subbing, I was able to use a computer during breaks and prep hours, so my blog and networking were well attended to. Here at the Boise Basin Museum, we don't have the ability to take credit cards let alone use the Internet. 

I return home to email, messages, notifications, and a neglected To-Do List. The only game that I play is Words with Friends, which suits my love of words, but even that requires some catching up. After walking up the hot and dusty mountain road toward home each afternoon, I don't always feel like doing much. 

"W. Days" is an iPhone app that provides the tablet for my exploits. I can easily write posts, email them to myself later, and then transfer them to my blog. This fills time if the museum becomes slow.

NOTE: The photo was taken using Hipstamatic's Salvador84 lens and Robusta film. The lens is Dali-esque and interprets a photo by mirroring, layering, and shadowing. The leaf survived winter in an old ore tram.