Jul 20, 2013

Civil War Reenactment

Our Idaho City Frontier Days featured a Civil War Reenactment group. I was not only thrilled to pick their brains, but I had an incredible photo opportunity! I used my iPhone's Hipstamatic camera app. It has a retro feel and the virtual camera cases, lenses, and film can be mixed and matched to achieve high resolution photos. Here I used the Libatique73 lens and DTypePlate film, reminicent of the old Daguerreotype plates used during Civil War times.

Civil War Camp Canteen and Garments
Civil War Camp Half Shelter
Civil War Camp Tent and Equipment Rack
Civil War Woman and Soldier
Civil War Free Time
Civil War Soldier and Canon
Civil War Woman and Embroidery

Special thanks goes out to the Idaho Civil War Volunteers for posing authentically for these shots. They can be followed on Facebook by clicking HERE.

NOTE: Please do not use these photos for personal use without my permission. They have been documented as my original work on Instagram and Ogle.