May 22, 2014

Summer at the Museum

Idaho City Historical Museum - Karen June Miller
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Last August, while moving from the Boise National Forest to Idaho's Treasure Valley, I assumed that my curating at the old gold mining museum was over. My new home was 1 hour and 17 minutes away. I could no longer walk to the museum and I lacked a reliable car, so I turned in my apron, keys and said goodbye

As my substitute teaching was concluding here in the valley, I found myself pining for the adventures of mountain life. Members of the Idaho City Historical Foundation were expressing their desire to have me back. A friend had helped us find a trustworthy vehicle. I missed museum work and needed summer employment, so I agreed to return.

The above photograph is meaningful. You see, when those museum doors are open, the world walks in. Our 1863 mining town attracts people from every continent. Day trippers are eager to explore America's Wild West and I love bringing it to life. 

Hence, this will be my 4th museum season. My boss, Ginger Fields, has made significant changes to the exhibits and layout. Ginger is a game changer and I am happily aboard.

If yer up in these here parts, drop in for a spell!

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