Jul 2, 2016

New Blog | Everlovin' Low-Carb

When I began this blog, there was a flurry of activity being generated by hundreds of other likeminded bloggers. It was an exciting season. Then, many bloggers felt like they had accomplished what they came to do. They either deleted their blogs or left them as a tribute to their hard work. I persevered and then moved my new content over to a Facebook Page. However, I do miss being here.

My life has transitioned to some exciting developments! My last post talked about being gluten free. This is still true, but shortly after that, I returned to a low-carb lifestyle and I have lost 36 pounds! I have also started a blog, Everlovin' Low-Carb, in celebration of this life shift!

Feel free to peruse the variety of posts here on eye-dillic! It is definitely a record of my life and interests spanning about 6 years. And, if you feel like some tasty, low-carb adventure, pop on over to my new blog!